Studio Equipment



Korg SV-1 Ideal for Electric and Acoustic Pianos
Nord Electro 2 Ideal for Hammond Organs and Clavs
Weinbach Piano Upright Piano
MiniMoog Voyager Analogue Synthesizer
Korg MS2000 Virtual analog synthesizer
MicroKorg Virtual analog synthesizer/vocoder
Maschine Mark 1 (Native Instruments) Drum Machine, Sequencer, Sampler, Workstation
MPC2500 Drum Machine, Sequencer, Sampler
MPC Renaissance – Drum Machine Controller
Fender Rhodes Stage, 73, Mark 1, Vintage Electric Piano
Fender Rhodes Suitcase, 73, Mark 2, Vintage Electric Piano
Wurlitzer Ep200 Vintage Electric Piano
Hammond 44 Melodion Keyboard wind instrument



Recording Equipment


Apple MacBook Pro (2x Internal SSHD)
M-box Pro 88 Soundcard
Focusrite Voicemaster Pro Vocal Preamp
Logic Pro 9 
Softsynths; Minimonsta, Sculpture, Rob Papen Blue
Native Instruments FM8KeytoSounds Remedy,
42 Inch LCD Monitor
Tannoy REVEAL 6″ studio monitors
IP Touch Controller App

AKG C3000B Condenser
Samson C03 Multi-Pattern Condenser
Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser
Shure SM57 Instrument Mic


Additional Hardware

Leslie Cabinet (with Holden Valve Amplifier)
Yamaha P-150 Digital Piano
Yamaha VR4000 Stereo Guitar Amplifier
Line 6 AX2 212 Twin Guitar Amplifier
Stanton SMX-301 DJ Mixer
Proel Hap 10 4 Channel Headphone Mixer
Mark Bass LMX Bass Amplifier Head
Korg Mini Kaoss Pad Effects Unit
Numark Orbit Wireless DJ Controller with Motion Control