Home/Keyboard Studio

T/W has a private home studio, focused on being able to provide all keyboard requirements for recording purposes.

Clients/artists can send recordings and have T/W tracks or stems/guide tracks can be emailed and keys parts can be emailed back. T/W can add classic keyboard sounds; Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clav and Hammond Organ, Pianos.  Classic and new; lead, pads a FX synths, and additional beat production.

Send stems/guide tracks through (in WAVS, AIFFs, MP3s, CAFs or Logic Pro file-types).

This studio can also be hired out for clients looking at doing smale-scale/demo’s recording; vocal overdubs, instrumental recording, or utilize a specialized keyboard rig.

Contact T/W to discuss your upcoming recording projects.

Click here for a full list of Studio instruments and Recording Equipment 

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