MPC Lessons

‘Having worked in the music industry for a while now, particularly within local hip-hop circles, I’ve noticed many artists, musicians and producers have a real affirmation with the line of MPC drum machines.  Some have used them, but haven’t yet realized the true potential of these machines but are very interested in knowing how to use an MPC and incorporating it into their studio or live setup.  However many people lose confidence when using them due to the antiquated technology – especially when contrasted with the ease and familiarity of using a computer.

Many people have (through tentative links) have access to an MPC; there’s one sitting in the studio, my cousins got an old one, you can always pick one up relatively inexpensively new or one second hand – you may even have one in the basement that you’ve always had the intention to use. 

For the most part, MPC’s use obsolete technology; old PC-RAM, recordable media like Zip and floppy disks, old laptop hard drives (where applicable) and old file types.  Whilst this means that they are not easily purchased new from retail stores, it does mean that if you can find them (through second hand computer stores or Trade-me/Ebay, they are generally “cheap as chips”).

This course is designed to; teach you to fully utilize all the facilities of the MPC drum machine, have you feel confident and comfortable on the unit so you can get on with being create and to help you get  all the hard-ware you need.

Models: MPC-60. MPC3000, MPC2000. MPC2000XL, MPC1000. MPC2500, MPC5000 (and possibly even the MPC500)

The course is roughly divided into 5x 40minute lessons:

Lesson 1           
Setup, basic functions of the MPC, building a programme bank, importing, saving and loading drum sounds, using a PC/Mac to arrange and save sounds and programmes etc (Part I)

Lesson 2             
(Above) Part II

Lesson 3           
Sampling (off vinyl, CDs, and imported WAV files) and the ‘chop-shop’

Lesson 4            
Sync’ing with external instruments; keyboards, FX units, laptops etc.

Lesson 5            
Wrap up – this is usually a chance for you to pick any area(s) to go over or look at in more depth

Additional Help with:

  • Sourcing and installing additional hard-ware (RAM/memory, hard-drives, media drives, EB-16 FX unit, SCSI cables etc…)
  • Finding and creating new drum sounds, samples and programme banks
  • Writable media (3’5 floppy disks and Zip Discs) for sale.
  • Getting your unit programmed and ready for stage or studio
  •  Using your MPC in conjunction with a computer
  • User Manuals
  • Updating OS (operating systems) or JJ’s OS
  • Advice on choosing the right model for your needs when purchasing an MPC

At the start of the course you will get one of the following (depending on the model of your MPC): 4x Floppy Discs; 1 Zip Disc, 1 CD-ROM of sounds, samples and Operating System (if needed), 
5 Lesson Coarse – $200
Lessons should be approx 1-2 weeks apart.
(Additional lessons can be arranged if requested)
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