Whats been said…


Tim is an understated musician, he is by far the most competent and imaginative players that I have had the pleasure to work with. His competency is rivaled only by his professionalism on and off stage. In the studio he has abilities as a producer with innovative and original ideas that helped shape my own album. He is a rare find in music internationally.

Christopher Reed,


Tims tenacious approach to modernizing the jazz standard repertoire rivals that of a mad Pit-bull on the Posties leg! [Tim’s] undeniable energy and passion for improvising lead him to realizing his maximum potential in every performance.

Ron Samson
Head of Jazz Studies,
University of Auckland


Timothy William is one of the leading members of the new bread of Jazz Musicians emerging in New Zealand. Not only is Tim a fantastic musician and composer he is also one of the rare bread of jazz musicians that pro-actively promote, not only themselves, but the music scene around them. Tim regularly performs in gigs at some of the top jazz venues in Auckland with his own band and is certainly making a name for himself. Tim has released a couple of demo/promo CDs that, to my ears, are some of the most exciting releases to come out of NZ jazz in the last few years. Tims funky Rhodes keyboard playing is, quite frankly, infectious he drives his band members to perform beyond themselves, which for me is very encouraging in a jazz scene that can at times appear staid and boring. Tim is one to watch for the future.


Mark Robinson,
Regarded Jazz Broadcaster,


Timothy William joined a band I put together called Billy Squire and The Rye for a tour in 2008. Without a doubt, his influence and knowledge of music and the music industry brought our ensemble to great heights for that period. Tim seems to have a real keen insight on how to rattle and shake up rhythms, creating a whole new vibe of urgency and attitude in the music. Whether it be a delicate touch on the Piano or a full on assault from the Hammond, the colors that Tim professionally and carefully expresses is an undeniable fixture in any artists creation.

Billy Squire
Billy Squire and the Rye
Boston, USA


Timothy William is an expressive, high energy keys player with stylish stage presence and a soulful vibe. It was a pleasure touring New Zealand with him.

Shez Raja
UK Jazz Artist